The Sustainable Australian CEO: transformation of Australia’s business leadership in the Asian century

By Mr Andrew Petersen, Chief Executive Officer, Sustainable Business Australia

In 2012, the sustainable development landscape is turbulent due to a number of factors including transformation, innovation  and investment needed to address growing population, demographic shifts, climate change and increasing pressure on natural resources; a “who’s in charge ?” world, uncertain global  governance; new regulations putting a price on commodities and services; transparency being the new business “licence to operate”.

Asia is in ascendancy & going green. A ‘green’ race has begun & threats of protectionist measures are real.  Global business sees SD as strategic issue on how to position itself in the new ‘green’ race.

This has moved from the earlier moral focus on CSR.

Australian companies and their leaders in particular are searching for their role in a changing global landscape.

Given these drivers, what are the enablers for change in the Australian corporate landscape that see business leaders understand, embrace and act on this most challenging of transformations.

Mr Andrew Petersen
Taking Care of Business: Sustainable Transformation Conference
Radisson Resort, Gold Coast – May 21 & 22,


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